Approved Volunteers

Updated Friday May 18, 2018 by West Salem Little League.


To submit your application:

Fill out  the 2018 form completely, sign it, and print your name at the end. *NEW VOLUNTEERS*  Be sure you include your Social Security number, and a photocopy (front and back) of your driver license or other government issued photo I.D. 

RETURNING VOLUNTEERS can fill out the "returning volunteer application" which still must be signed for a background check to be processed. If you have any changes from last year please update that information as well. 

Completed forms can be mailed to: WSLL, P.O. Box 5445, Salem, OR, 97304; or scanned as a PDF and emailed as an attachment to:

 If you choose to email, make sure you include images of your  license or other photo I.D. 

I will do my best to get everyone approved as soon as I can. If you did not receive your badge at the opening ceremony they will be available at the snack shack located at Walker fields. Please show your ID and request your badge.  Thank you again to all volunteers!

Best Regards,

Boe Carter

*NOTE: As stated in the volunteer application, some registries can only be searched by name, and subsequently produce reports on individuals who may not be the applicant.  In some of these cases, letters are automatically sent to the applicant notifying them of said report.  Usually this only means there is someone else with a name the same or similar to yours that is not qualified to be a volunteer.  If you receive one of these letters/reports and have questions or concerns, please contact me. 



Managers, coaches and other adults who work with players must submit a volunteer application each year. The names of adults with approved 2018 volunteer applications appear on the attachment below.

WSLL Approved Volunteers 2018.xlsx